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Replacement Parts for JumpKing Safety Enclosures ...

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The JumpKing Safety Enclosure is one of the best mid-range trampoline safety nets. Many have been sold in the UK and elsewhere, and they have changed colour over the years, from green and blue, to pink, and black. They have also been sold under the Bazongi brand. Traditionally, if a safety net required replacment parts, customers were forces to buy a complete new enclosure, including the metal poles. We now stock individual spare parts for your JumpKing or Bazoongi Safety Net, so you can keep your existing enclosure going, without having to buy a whole new one. Pleaes note, these replacement parts will ONLY fit JumpKing and Bazoongi trampoline safety enclosures. If you have any JumpKing or Bazoongi safety net with the curved arches shown in the picture, these parts will fit, even if you bought your safety net as long as 2001.

  • Fits ALL JumpKing & Bazoongi Safety Nets, going back to 2001.
  • 14ft, 12ft & 10ft Sizes

(JumpKing Trampolines)
This is just the netting, without the poles. Please select the diameter of your trampoline (the overall diameter of the trampoline frame). enlarge image

from:  £ 89.00

(JumpKing Trampolines)
This is the foam covering for the safety net poles, only available in the new black colour. These fit all safety-net sizes. We sell these individual and as a complete set (of 20 sections). enlarge image

  Individual foams, qty: , £ 4.25 each

  Full Set (20 Foams): £ 59.00
from:  £ 4.25

(JumpKing Trampolines)
This bracket is used to fix your enclosure to the leg of your trampoline. The set is made up of everything you need to attach one enclosure pole: Two u-brackets, 4 Nuts and Spacers. Compatible with all arched-style JumpKing safety enclosures. more info
price:  £ 12.95

We are an online mailorder company, based in the UK, specialising in getting great products on time to their destination. This website is all about the wonderful JumpKing trampolines, accessories and spare parts we have been selling for nearly 9 years. JumpKing is, quite simply, the largest trampoline manufacturer in the world and have been manufacturing trampolines for over 20 years, gaining unrivalled experience in the trampoline market. With millions sold worldwide, every Jumpking trampoline is manufactured to US (ASTM) and EU (TUV) standards.

JumpKing is the brand name for products made by the YJ Corporation, an American company based in Portland, Oregon - Jumpking Europe

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